Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a difference 6 weeks makes

So we have gone from planning to pick up and move to being virtually stable. Since our last entry, Kara has found a job @ Lifeway, a private school in Centerton. This is such a blessing; she is in a great Christian environment, the kids can attend with her including Shelby, and her job provides a way for us to build up some savings. With the way the economy is we decided it might be a great time to look for a house to buy. So we did and found a great 4 bedroom home close to where Kara will be teaching. We hope to move in before the end of August. I continue to enjoy working @ Fellowship which is such an incredible place to work.
With all this going on we are asking ourselves why are we being blessed with so much. We truly felt like we had found a church to belong to in Columbia, and a place we could see ourselves living. But we were also not seeing any open doors. Someone told me that sometimes the blessings come as a result of being willing to do whatever God asks us to do. It sure feels like that is the case with us.
So for now we are here, open and ready for how God will use us here. There is nothing wrong with staying here, it is an incredible place to live. Thank you for all of your encouragement, we were blessed by all of it. It's also interesting to hear how many were praying that we wouldn't leave.
Sorry for not updating the blog recently, staying put has been busier than I could have imagined.