Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're stil here...

What if this journey over the past year was just to see if we were willing to obey God? Only time will tell. The latest is.....that we will not be moving to Columbia this summer. We kept hoping for windows of opportunity to open and while they might have been there we didn't see them.
If we has unplugged ourselves completely with the limited resources we had we would be in need very quickly. Not to say that God wouldn't have provided or that He won't in the future. We just felt a lot of peace about staying here for awhile longer.
I know a lot of people have been praying over us, some even praying that we won't decide to go.
We have felt your prayers and deeply appreciate them. Although we won't be going to Columbia, we will most likely be moving to a new house. Without saying too much, we don't think the current owner will continue to be its owner for very much longer. The house needs some pretty extensive work and we don't know if that will happen. Probably a good time to move on.
Kara still has a desire to go back to teaching and has a great opportunity that would work out great for all the kids.
I have updated our prayer list to reflect the new ones we have. Please continue to lift us up.
We desire to share what God is teaching us through all of this and what staying here provides. We love this area, our church, and our friends so staying here is a blessing.
Thanks again for joining us on our journey, for now the journey doesn't involve a cross country move.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


We are back in Arkansas after our extremely busy trip to Columbia. We had a great time getting to meet new friends and visiting with potential churches to get plugged in to. Before our visit, I felt like Columbia was somewhere we could move, now I feel like it was somewhere we should move. I totally saw us living there. It is a beautiful area, with lots of place to hang out. All the neighborhoods where we looked at houses had tree lined streets. Very few places in Rogers, or NWA have much of this. Not that the growth of trees in an area determines where we might move, it just added to the beauty of the place.
Kara had the chance to drop off several resumes with principals and I had the chance to meet with a few cabinet shops. We didn't come back with jobs in place but felt like we had some possibilities. We also checked out apartments and some houses to rent. We didn't rent anything yet, I guess not having jobs might play into this.
We've been real enough to have the conversation of what if we don't find jobs just yet. So as of today we still sit in limbo. We felt deeply called to be a part of a new church that is planting right in the heart of Columbia. I could see myself jumping in and helping get the building ready, if God provides a way to get there I will.
It was a great visit to an area we felt like we could call home without any hesitation. We ask you to pray along with us that God will make it abundantly clear as to the direction we need to go. Do we wait another year and save up more money, or do we go out there totally dependant on God to provide? Our prayer is that we will know something in the next few days to weeks.
Thanks for following along with us!