Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mixed emotions

"Get ready". That was what I heard after our trip to South Carolina last year. I wish it had been a loud booming voice that gave me all the details of why and what we might be headed there for. Like I said, it was a peaceful "get ready". Kara will is much better at being in tune with the Spirit that I am (this might be gender related). So her intuition has been a great blessing for me.

It is amazing how fast this year has gone by. We leave Friday for Columbia to spend some time exploring the area. It is very exciting to say the least. We have made some contacts and will be looking for how God is providing for us. I am so excited to make this trip.

I have one huge thing to pray for if you could take the chance to do so today. My boss who was to shoulder some of my responsibilities is not in a place where he can really do it. He has just discovered that he has a weak heart. The stress, heavy work loads, and the pressure of managing our crew, is probably too much to handle. It makes this decision to move on so much crazier for me. Please pray that God would reveal His plan in all of this very soon. He is incredible at providing and I have no doubt that He will.

Thanks for taking this journey with us. In all of it, our hope is that God will receive all of the glory.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blessing of Prayer

At our church we have a team of people that pray over needs of our staff. This month our team was asked to give them specific requests that they could be praying for us. I submitted requests for someone to replace my position when I leave, and also for clear direction for where and what God is planning for us.

I must say that was an incredible experience. They definitely are in tune with how to pray, and I felt a huge sense of the Holy Spirit in that time of prayer. This past week my boss has had some health issues that have created a lot of questions as to if this is the right time to leave. I remember having similar feelings when discussing when should we start trying to have kids. Sometimes it will never be the right time, but it happens and you find out that God will provide.
My assurance in moving comes from knowing that God is bigger than I can ever make Him out to be. Who am I to doubt that He knows completely what is going on and knows what the future holds? I have an overwhelming trust that God knows what He is doing, He will provide.

Lord, thank you for the people you put into my path today! Their love for you and desire to serve you has blessed me immensely. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

We visit in 2 weeks

Two weeks from today we will be in Columbia, SC to accomplish a whole lot of tasks. Kara has a teacher's expo on June 1st. We are praying she can get a job on the spot! If we can determine where Kara might teach then we can make a decision on where to look for a place to live. Our plan is to find a place to rent until we are more grounded in the area. Please pray that we can find an incredible home for minimal rent. We will be staying a few nights with one of our contacts in Columbia. Our prayer is that we can gain a lot of knowledge of the culture through them, what a blessing they are to open their home up to virtual strangers. I will try to make some contacts with cabinet shops to try and find employment as well. Please pray that an opportunity is available for me (regardless of the economy). We are so excited about jumping out of our comfort zone and trying to be obedient to God. This will be the biggest test of our faith to date, but we wouldn't want to put our faith in anyone other than our incredible Savior. We don't have enough money to move and not have work right away, but God will provide. We don't know a lot of people in the area (3 or 4), God will provide. We never imagined this will be easy, when is it easy to get out of your comfort zone? Still, we both have been bathed with an overwhelming sense of peace. Praise God!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay so can I be honest and say that today I was on polar opposites of this leap of faith we have started to take? It started out this morning with the overwhelming thoughts that said "what the heck are you thinking?" In my head I was listing the tons of reasons that we should just stay here and not pursue this burden we feel to move to Columbia. I won't recount all of them because I don't want to start that over again right now. Needless to say I was feeling overwhelmed and full of fear. Not that anyone would have been able to tell, I wasn't pacing around wearing a hole in the floor or sweating profusely in the grips of panic. It was just a mental marathon, something like I was stuck in the middle of a dodge ball fight, and everyone hit me.
Fortunately, God in incredible ways brought about another wave of peace to my restlessness. I love how He can use anything at anytime in anyway to bring about His plan. Today it was in Him reminding me of His promises that He will take care of me. That He has a plan for all the things I am worrying about, so I need to just let go. I am so used to trying to be the answer to all my problems or the problems around me. I can hear it right now, that still small voice saying, "let go, it's not for you to worry about". So I did.
To finish out the opposite polar, shortly after my time of surrender, I was blessed with the excitement of maybe what lies ahead for us. I called someone from Columbia that I have been e-mailing, (trying to establish another contact in the area). Wow did God deliver! I was thrilled to the point of tears at what God is doing in this guy's life. To get a glimpse of what we might soon be a part of. So now I can't wait to get there at the end of this month on our "scouting" journey.
Today I started out unsure of why I am making this crazy move and I end the day pretty excited despite the fact we are making this crazy move. It's in being obedient that I find peace.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Lovely Bride

Can I just take a few moments of your time and tell you how much I love my wife?
Beyond the fact that I think she is a very attractive person. That I feel she has a very pleasant and caring personality. Beyond the fact, the she loves me despite my shortcomings. I think Kara is an incredible gift from God for me.

Her ability to manage our finances and get us on track to freedom from the bondage of debt is awesome. I am blessed to watch the way she loves our children. She nurtures them, corrects them, teaches them, and is there for them. She is there for me. Kara is my compliment and my completion.

She has a heart that is considerate, compassionate, and full of joy. When I think of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, she has been blessed with about all of them and they are evident in her life. She truly is a faithful servant to our Lord.

From the first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew that Jesus had taken up residence in her life. She strongly desires to serve Him daily and in any way He directs her. Her faith is well beyond mind knowledge of our Savior.

I can’t imagine why God chose to give her to me; I am so undeserving of such a woman. However, I am extremely glad He did.