Saturday, May 16, 2009

We visit in 2 weeks

Two weeks from today we will be in Columbia, SC to accomplish a whole lot of tasks. Kara has a teacher's expo on June 1st. We are praying she can get a job on the spot! If we can determine where Kara might teach then we can make a decision on where to look for a place to live. Our plan is to find a place to rent until we are more grounded in the area. Please pray that we can find an incredible home for minimal rent. We will be staying a few nights with one of our contacts in Columbia. Our prayer is that we can gain a lot of knowledge of the culture through them, what a blessing they are to open their home up to virtual strangers. I will try to make some contacts with cabinet shops to try and find employment as well. Please pray that an opportunity is available for me (regardless of the economy). We are so excited about jumping out of our comfort zone and trying to be obedient to God. This will be the biggest test of our faith to date, but we wouldn't want to put our faith in anyone other than our incredible Savior. We don't have enough money to move and not have work right away, but God will provide. We don't know a lot of people in the area (3 or 4), God will provide. We never imagined this will be easy, when is it easy to get out of your comfort zone? Still, we both have been bathed with an overwhelming sense of peace. Praise God!


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